Keratin Smoothing

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Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Smoothing | The Hair Color Experts, LLC - Cape Coral, FL

The Hair Color Experts, LLC offers vibrant, straight hair with keratin smoothing treatments. The Hair Color Experts, LLC has operated in the industry for 13 years with the highest customer approval rating from its Cape Coral, FL clientele.

Keratin smoothing is one of the specialties of the famous and fast-growing hair salon to steadily boost and supply keratin to hair; it is a natural element and protein responsible for your hair’s straight and lustrous look.

Here are some of the basic points customers must know about keratin hair smoothing and straightening treatments:

• How it Works—Keratin smoothing is done through the application of the high grade Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing System and sealed using a hair iron. Treatment usually depends on the length of hair.

• Time-Saver—Straightening long tresses could be very time-consuming but with keratin hair straightening and smoothing, blow drying could be shortened by 40% to 60%. Styling long locks is made easy and efficient with the help of top quality keratin treatment products.

• Frizz-Free—One of the many upsides of having keratin hair treatment is getting rid of frizzy hair. The straight hair texture is unchanged even in conditions such as light rain or humid climates.

• Upkeep and Maintenance—There is a “don’t-wash” waiting period after getting a keratin treatment of approximately three to four days. Good upkeep to maintain the straightness of the hair requires using shampoo without sodium sulfate contents.

• Long-Term Results—Having long straight tresses is possible with keratin smoothing that lasts for at least two months, especially when imported and first class keratin products are used.

Enjoy straighter, more beautiful hair all the time. Keratin hair straightening treatment is a surefire way to have long, straight tresses.

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